POUGHKEEPSIE, NY — Friendly Honda has torn down its old detail center and has added on a brand new one, according to the Hudson Valley Reporter.

The Oct. 29 story quoted Friendly Honda owner Eric Kahn who stated that the old detailing center was very tired, inefficient and unattractive. “This new building has many more service bays than the last one we had which will allow our staff to be more efficient,” Kahn said. “It’s much brighter and provides a more pleasant environment for our staff. What’s really cool and unique is a state-of-the-art photo booth for motor vehicles in the center of the building, which we use to photograph all of our used cars to put on the Internet.”

General Manager Dominick DiCapua said a new polishing machine has been added as well. A free carwash is also offered to new buyers. “Our employees will have easier access to the cars now,” DiCapua said in the story. “Anytime there is growth like this we look to within to fill new roles. This is a great opportunity for employees to grow within the company.”

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