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Honda files patent for carwash-friendly auto feature

TOKYO — This technology would prevent automatic windshield wipers from activating in carwashes.


TOKYO — According to, Honda recently filed a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office concerning new windshield wiper technology aimed to prevent the common problem of their cars’ automatic windshield wipers activating during an automatic carwash.

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Several car owners are unaware that, due to this automatic wiping system, windshield wipers are liable to get damaged by the scrubbers, the article stated.

The new technology Honda is developing would address the problem by having automatic windshield wipers sense when the car is under an automatic wash as opposed to being in a rain or thunderstorm, the article noted.

These sensors, according to the article, would detect the noise and vibrations from the carwash equipment, relaying a signal to the wipers to keep from starting.

The technology would also tie in other factors, the article stated, such as the speed of the car or whether or not the gas and brake pedals are being used, to determine if the system’s autonomy should be overridden.


Honda has given no indication on when this technology will be released, the article noted.

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