How carwash signage can boost business
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How carwash signage can boost business

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Modern signage can entice customers and increase profits for car care businesses.


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — In the December feature, “Signage of the times,” Editorial Director Rich DiPaolo discusses how modern signage can attract and inform customers.

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“Purchasing, placing and forming a strategy for your on-site signage is a science and a form of art,” says DiPaolo in the article. “Especially if your carwash is on a busy street, which is considered a site selection best practice, potential customers are traveling past your business at a relatively high speed.”

For any carwash, continues DiPaolo in the article, a decent portion of its sales is often dependent on impulse visits. To come out ahead in a competitive market carwashes must make sure they stand out from the rest by keeping up with the evolving trends in signage.


Just like with other product and service categories in the car care industry, notes DiPaolo in the article, site signage has seen its share of improvements and upgrades over the past decade. And, this renaissance period of signs, especially regarding digital signage, does not appear to be diminishing any time soon.

“We have seen trends in the industry moving toward more modern, digital signage,” explains Christine McKelvey, marketing and art department manager at Stewart Signs, in the article. “Carwash owners want to be able to communicate dynamically and not be limited to the amount of information they can display. It’s also the type of sign that’s always noticed — a differentiator among businesses.”


In the article, McKelvey also shares three types of outdoor signage:

  1. Identification signage, which simply identifies your location and doesn’t offer the ability to communicate varying information.
  2. Changeable letter signage, for which letters are manually changed to communicate information. This type is typically less expensive and also limits the amount of information owners and operators can display. Also, an employee must attend to the sign outdoors and manually change the message as needed.
  3. LED signage, which offers the most versatility, can feature dynamic transition effects, video and scheduling capabilities so messages are never out of date. And, these signs can virtually feature an unlimited number of messages.

Check out the entire December feature to learn more about modern signage, incorporating “the show” experience and what key elements carwashes should consider. You can read this article here.

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