The Cruz Thru Express Car Wash of Bakersfield, Calif., is one carwash that uses a POS system. Brian Guiniling, special projects director for Cruz Thru, said the carwash has been a pioneer in the development of automated membership lanes, and has developed their own custom point of sale (POS) system as well. In addition, the chain has innovated by creating several custom pieces of equipment that are now used at all Cruz Thru locations.

Cruz Thru’s POS system was designed to help move guests through the carwash more quickly, according to Guiniling. The POS system instantly uploads all of the sales to the Internet allowing the managers and owners to see all of the car counts and sales on their computer, iPhone or iPad.

“The beauty of our POS is that, since a lot of our guests want to purchase memberships, we had to be able to activate a new account as quick as possible,” Guiniling said. “We’re proud to say that we can activate a new account in under 10 seconds.”