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How POS systems increase efficiency

Read how one carwash’s POS system keeps things running smoothly, and keeps the owner more informed.


For over 20 years, Brad Quay, Greater Lakes Regional Sales Manager with Blendco, worked in the field of payment technologies. He explained how point-of-sale (POS) machines can help an owner and operator manage their wash by providing statistics and keeping things running smoothly.

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“POS systems are designed to provide owners with data points that can help them track the success or failures at different points in their business,” said Quay. This information is valuable to let owners know how the different aspects of a carwash are doing for them.

The reporting that these machines offer is “very important to an owner,” he said. “It provides immediate data that shows which wash package and add-on options people are using.” POS machines have added value by letting owners know when something is going wrong, Quay continued. “It can also provide instant messaging to let an owner know that there is an issue with a device.”


Labor hours are one of the most important parts of managing a carwash, and a POS system can help you figure out not only which employees are improving your business, but also when you need that extra worker on during a rush. “[POS systems] can track the number of hours a given employee has worked and can show the related sales associated with that employee,” said Quay. “The data can also show trends that reflect the peak times versus slow times for the wash so that the owner can schedule labor accordingly.”

POS systems are also important for providing your customers a consistent experience, and they offer opportunities to increase sales. The POS machine is a chance for customers to choose that extra service. “The in lane POS provides a point of contact with their customer base that is very important. It provides a consistent brand image and message,” said Quay.


Nothing hurts carwashes more than inefficiency and the inability to wash vehicles, and POS machines help prevent that, Quay said. “The faster you know there is an issue, the faster you can get it corrected and keep traffic flowing through the wash.”

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