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How to Start a Carwash: 5 strategies to attract more business

When starting a new carwash, enticing business, and retaining these customers, is key for success.

Contributor Clate Mask discusses how to bring in leads and turn them into customers in the article “How to Attract The Interest You Want in Your Business,” featured on Entrepreneur’s website.

“While not a defined scientific law like the law of gravity, the laws of attraction give credence to the idea that ‘like attracts like.’ … It’s all about having a good attitude so that the energy you put out will be met with equally positive energy,” writes Mask in the article. “But if we’re talking business, the laws of attraction take on a very different meaning. We have to take attitude out of the equation, and replace it with proven marketing tactics that will get leads interested in your business.”

In the article, Mask shares five “laws of business attraction,” to win more customers:

  • Find the right location(s). If you can’t find your customers both online and offline, you can’t attract prospective business. Find out where your customers are physically — whether they attend specific community events or are members of certain groups — and be there, too. Likewise, are potential prospects on certain social media platforms? Be there, too. Moreover, search for specific online groups with consumers who are interested in your product/service.
  • Hone in on customer problems. Instead of focusing on why your products/services are great, try to understand the problems your prospective customers have with similar options currently available. “It’s important to expose the problems that exist in the minds of prospective customers, and then to find solutions to those problems,” asserts Mask in the article. “Entrepreneurs don’t need to market their product so much as they need to speak to the needs of their target audience.”
  • Define your expertise. To stand out from the competition, make sure you are familiar with and confident in your own expertise. For example, what is so great about your product/service? Mask offers a beach umbrella as an example; maybe the key expertise of the umbrella is smart engineering of a collapsible product. Though you might not have the lowest prices, show how your product/service wins in its expertise. Consider creating videos which illustrates the expertise of your product/service.
  • Show why you’re unique. Although some entrepreneurs and small businesses may want to safeguard what they believe is their “distinct advantage over the competition,” it’s important to lay all of your cards out on the table. “Businesses need to shout to the world what makes them unique. In the process, you’ll be giving prospective customers exactly what they want,” explains Mask in the article. “The companies who put it all out there are the ones who tend to get noticed.”
  • Be personable. Make sure your brand has its own authentic personality, and be personable. “Consumers want to do business with people they know, like and trust,” says Mask in the article. “If your [brand’s] voice is personal and authentic, that will shine through when a prospect starts interacting directly with you or one of your team members.”

Read more about how to attract more business for your new startup here.

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