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How to start a carwash: Design and location

Many issues work together to determine if an existing property is a good fit for an express tunnel carwash.

According to carwash consultant Harvey M. Miller, many issues work together to determine if an existing property is a good fit for an express tunnel carwash.

Issues and variables that must be considered include:

How to start a carwash tip #1: Choosing a site

A site's layout and the analysis that should be completed can make the difference between failure and a high-volume, successful wash. The areas demographics, competition inside a certain radius, zoning concerns and entitlements are all important as well. The dimensions of the lot will dictate the tunnel length and the areas for self-serve vacuums, etc. Further, traffic counts, visibility, utility and sewer locations and recorded underground easements should be taken into account.

How to start a carwash tip #2: Selecting an architect

An owner should retain an architect with experience in carwash development. The arch tech should be open minded and understand what an owner wants and what will be required.

How to start a carwash tip #3: Demographics

Miller states that demographics can be overlooked during the selection of a wash site. Instead, it should be the number 1 concern. These reports give potential owners valuable information about the surrounding area and community.

How to start a carwash tip #3: Traffic flow

Though traffic counts may be studied, other factors should be considered. Miller points to nearby freeway ramps, high street speeds, one way streets, center medians and service roads as all possible negatives for a selected site.

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