How to Start a Carwash: Five ways new businesses can excel in 2016

How to Start a Carwash: Five ways new businesses can excel in 2016

Businesses, new and old, must leave 2015 behind and implement key strategies in 2016 to boost overall performance.

Now that 2015 is officially in the rear view, it’s time for businesses, whether just starting out or in the game for years, to leave last year behind and find ways to accelerate into 2016 at a more lucrative pace.

In the article “5 Things Startups Need To Do Better In 2016,” featured on Forbe’s website, contributor Larry Myler discusses what new and established businesses should do to make this year more successful.

For startups, the new year is a good time to regroup from past failures and shortfalls, and capitalize on successes,” says Myler in the article.

Myler continues by sharing five priorities new and old businesses should consider implementing in 2016 to boost overall performance.

  • Management and coordination. Owners and operators have to manage numerous daily, weekly and monthly tasks. And sometimes, making sure all team members are working in harmony can get lost among the ever-evolving to-do list. To drive sales and boost overall operations, improve business management and internal coordination. “Consider investing in interactive tools for project management and coordination,” suggests Myler in the article. “Effective project management tools that are highly interactive and visual can help managers save time by easily assigning responsibilities to different team members.”
  • Emphasizing data/analytics. You must visualize and understand data for it to have real value. Cloud-based data and analytics warehousing platforms are available, such as Cooladata, that can help businesses better make sense of their data by presenting it in user-friendly dashboards.
  • Better quality landing pages. Keep the 2016 user in mind when designing quality content. Myler notes in the article that marketing is both an art and a science. “.For example, consider that at least half of your visitors will access your displays and messaging from a smaller device,” asserts Myler in the article. “While you design your landing pages that reflect your brand accurately, take care to maintain design elements that will look great across various platforms, including mobile and tablet.”
  • Marketing via social media. Especially considering millennials are dominating the marketplace, your customers are all over social media. Make sure you are there to meet and greet them, as well as to respond to any concerns and offer the right sales pitch at the right time.
  • Improving the sales process. “Consider internal updates to improve your sales process using SaaS tools and software to enhance your ability to handle new customers and satisfy existing ones,” advises Myler in the article. A successful year doesn’t mean you have won, he continues, this just means you have the resources to continue being successful. To keep growing, you must maximize your customer satisfaction levels — or your competition may swoop up your customers.

Read the entire article on ways to make 2016 a success here.

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