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How to Start a Carwash: 5 ways to promote services online

With the influx in Internet use, new and existing businesses must utilize digital marketing for the best chances of success.


In the article “5 Ways to Promote Your Service on the Internet,” featured on Inc.’s website, contributor AJ Agrawal discusses why new businesses especially need to utilize digital marketing strategies to promote their products/services.

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“Deciding on and setting up a business is only the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey,” writes Agrawal in the article. “Unlike the Field of Dreams, you can’t just build it and expect people to come. You need to start promoting it right. And nothing can be as effective as digital marketing at the moment.”

According to Webbiquity, more companies are increasing their digital marketing budgets, and many have spent approximately $42.8 billion to advertise online.

In the article, Agrawal shares five effective tips to help new and existing businesses promote their services and products online.

  • Write an article or blog post. Today, many consumers turn to informative content that is easy to read to help them make their purchasing decisions. “You can create articles and blog posts that show off your expertise while helping customers troubleshoot different issues,” explains Agrawal in the article. “This content will place you and, ultimately, your brand in the limelight.”
  • Gain online reviews. A survey conducted by Moz found that 67.7 percent of consumers might be swayed either way by online reviews. Remember to keep these honest because many consumers will be able to tell if a review seems “off” or fake. “Work on your services’ weaker points and then invite influential bloggers to try them for free,” asserts Agrawal in the article. “If they enjoy the experience you delivered, ask them to write and post reviews. You can later circulate these reviews via social media or press releases.”
  • Create and share videos. As the common saying goes, “Seeing is believing.” Showcase your brand and services by developing an insightful video. “In addition to entertaining your clients, video could very well be worth a thousand sales,” continues Agrawal in the article, adding that videos appear in 70 percent of the top 100 search results, according to Kissmetrics.
  • Consider case studies. Case studies can help to increase awareness of your brand and show how your business delivers quality results. However, if you do decide to develop a case study, make sure it is not too promotional. Let your customers do the talking and make sure to state the facts.
  • Get social. Social media is a great way to reach a wider audience on a variety of platforms. “From social networks to forums and all the way to photo sharing platforms, the sky [is] the limit if you decide to be more active on social media,” says Agrawal in the article. “You can also opt for promotional tools, such as Facebook Ads, if your budget can accommodate it.”

Read the entire article on online marketing strategies here.

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