The site is selected, the equipment is purchased, the employees are trained and the doors are open. Now what?

Properly promoting your car care business is huge step in success. Here are five tips for promoting a new business and developing the ever-important return customers.

How to start a carwash tip 1: Install the correct signage.

In areas with high traffic counts, colorful signs and clear messaging draw drivers' eyes and push on-site sales. Many washes choose local themes or landmarks to mimic in logos and on signs. For instance, curling waves and colorful seashells are common carwash imagery in beach areas.

How to start a carwash tip 2: Host a grand opening event.

Whether the event is based around a racing team appearance, a car show, a simple grill out or a live radio broadcast, consider a party or celebration to draw new customers. A little publicity and free food can go a long way to attracting new customers and increasing wash counts.

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How to start a carwash tip 3: Add unique services.

This can be as simple as adding mat cleaners or develop into hand-wash services and concierge service. Survey the competition to see what services they offer. If you find a niche where your community is not being serviced, leverage that opportunity to generate market share and customer familiarity.

How to start a carwash tip 4: Choose a mascot.

Kid friendly and eye catching, an on-site character will draw in families. Often times, busy moms and dads with vehicles packed full of children will need a carwash's services more than any other group. Customer service is of supreme importance once families select your wash. Also, consider free candy for the kids to create a lasting memory for children and adults alike.

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