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How to start a carwash: What about free coffee?

Find out how one carwash in Anniston, Ala., has found success with offering up free coffee to its customers.


When starting a new carwash, you can draw in more customers with a free offering. From a wash package upgrade, to free vacuums, everyone is tempted by the word "free" when its seen on a sign or via social media. If your wash has a lobby or c-store, you might have luck in offering up free coffee, which, according to the International Coffee Organization, is still a popular beverage of choice. In fact, according to a 2014 report, 54 percent of Americans drink coffee.

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How to start a carwash Tip #1: Create a coffee shop environment

The Anniston Super Wash in Anniston, Ala., which was previously known as the Great American Car Wash, is taking advantage of the coffee craze by giving away free cups in its lobby, The Anniston Star reported. The location, which added all-new automatic washing equipment last year and a custom-made vacuuming area, also has a lobby including a coffee shop with hardwood floors, a leather couch, tables and chairs and free Wi-Fi. The coffee is free, but customers can purchase candy or snacks at the counter.


How to start a carwash Tip #2: Give customers a place to relax

Co-owners Melanie and Jim Huggins said they want customers to feel welcomed. "People can come in and have a place to visit while their car is being detailed," Melanie said in the story. "It seemed more warm and inviting."

Let customers know that you offer up free coffee and Wi-Fi in your signage and social media forums. If your coffee is of a well-known brand, try and get the coffee company to give you signage to put on display as well.


Melanie said things have been good so far. "Every day we have new customers, so we're really excited about that," she said in the story.

How to start a carwash Tip #3:

A free cup of coffee can also be used as a marketing tool. Have special to-go cups made with your carwash's name and logo on it. Put a catchy saying on it as well, such as: I got the this free cup of coffee from <fill in the blank> carwash.

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