The word-of-the-week quiz on features words from the Glossary of Terms provided by CarWash College.

This week's word is: Venturi

Which is the correct definition? Scroll down to see the answer.

A. A type of valve with a small opening and a threaded, needle-like plunger that allows precise regulation of flow for metering applications when constant flow must be maintained.

B. A switch that measures the chain travel & communicates with the tunnel controller to turn equipment on/off. This key sensor alerts car wash managers and operators if equipment is activating too quickly, or shutting off early. May be located in the backroom or in the drive section of the conveyor (AKA pulse generator, remote pulse).

C. A fitting or device that consists of a tube constricted in the middle and flared on both ends. A fluid's velocity will increase and a fluid's pressure will decrease while passing through the constriction. Placing a tube or pipe at the constriction point creates a vacuum. Fluid or air can then be drawn in through the tube. The system is named after Italian scientist Venturi.

D. System of rotating water jets, arranged like a pinwheel, that spray concentrated streams of water onto the car. Often used on the lower portion of the vehicle to remove mud, dirt and salt. Typically the 3rd step in the car wash process.










































The answer is: C