Hurricane Sandy and the mistakes made by small business owners

Very few businesses were ready for the severe storm which destroyed parts of NY, NJ and CT.

Hurricane Sandy, the Category 3 story which ripped through all of the states on the East coast, hurt many businesses. What's interesting is now small business owners are admitting that they weren't prepared for a natural disaster and are admitting their mistakes in FOX Business report.

The March 21 story said 56 percent of small businesses in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut had phone and Internet connectivity issues during and after the storm, and 71 percent lost power. On top of that, 74 percent of businesses surveyed had to close up for a week on average. 

Ray Sprague, senior vice president of The Hartford's Small Commercial Insurance segment, said in the story, preparedness needs to be comprehensive. One-fourth of businesses had backed up critical data and programs prior to the storm, while only 20 percent had prepared an emergency kit with such essentials as flashlights and water.

PA carwash has gas lines after hurricane Sandy

The Hartford held a panel last week and one attendent who is an insurance agent said it is critical to give your emergency plan a test drive before it's too late.

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