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Husband accidentally runs over wife at carwash

NEW YORK — A man is in mourning after a tragic accident.


NEW YORK — According to, a man who ran over and killed his wife after washing his Jeep at a carwash is devastated and struggling to keep himself together.

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Marcos Salas, 50, and his wife, Isabel Cohetero, 51, had just rinsed off the Jeep Commander at a BP gas station on Eliot Ave. and were beginning to towel it off when it started rolling slowly backwards, the article continued.

Salos saw that the vehicle was in reverse when he got into the driver’s seat, but instead of hitting the brake, he accidentally hit the gas, the article noted.

“How this happened, it’s all a tragedy. It’s really sad,” said one neighbor, who only identified herself as Gloria. “I was thinking about her all day. I see her often passing by with her husband, and I said to my husband I can’t imagine how he feels. He must feel horrible. It was totally an accident.”

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