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IDA-certified detailer helps restore 1959 OV-1B Mohawk

MELBOURNE, Fla. — Justin Labato of JL’s Showroom Detailing Inc. was invited to hold an educational seminar on behalf of the International Detailing Association during the recent Mobile Tech Auto Recon Expo (MTE) 2016.


MELBOURNE, Fla. — Justin Labato of JL’s Showroom Detailing Inc. recently joined with fellow detailer of the Detailers of Air Force One team Paul Viens and Detail Mafia members Mark Elliott and Andy B. Cool for a week at the Jacksonville Executive Airport at Craig, formally known as Craig Municipal Airport, in Jacksonville, according to a press release.

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The detailers restored a 1959 U.S. Army OV-1B Mohawk, “the only air-worthy flying B-model airplane left in the world,” stated the release.

“It took two stages of compounding, polishing and an exterior coating to bring it back to its original glory, but it looked amazing after we spent four days working on it,” said Labato in the release.

After restoring the plane, continued the release, Labato headed to Orlando for the Mobile Tech Auto Recon Expo (MTE) 2016, at which the International Detailing Association (IDA) nominated JL’s Showroom Detailing for the Detailing Shop of the Year award.


Labato was also invited by MTE to hold the educational seminar “Road Map to Success: How to Start and Build a Successful Detail Business” for dozens of automotive appearance specialists on behalf of the IDA, informed the release, during which he shared personal experiences along his road to detailing success in Melbourne.

Additionally, reported the release, Labato was the first pick for the first shooting of “Competition Ready,” which chooses the best, nationally recognized detailers to appear and is hosted by Autogeek’s Mike Phillips on Velocity TV.

The episode will air this spring, added the release.

Labato is a certified member of the IDA, stated the release, and holds the association’s most significant level of certification known as Skills-Validated, a hands-on test which authenticates his abilities and techniques based on IDA guidelines.


Moreover, noted the release, Labato was approved as an IDA Recognized Trainer during the IDA committee meeting at this year’s MTE.

“Knowledge is power; and in order for detailers to understand the ‘big picture view’ of the work available to a skilled detailer, they need to get involved and stay connected through trade shows like MTE and professional organizations like the IDA,” explained Labato in the release. “When you do that, you build credibility. Even then, you have to learn how to be all ears and very little mouth when it comes to building your detailing business and giving customers what they want. That credibility opens the door to exciting opportunities like restoring the Mohawk, being invited to join the Air Force One Detailing Team or prepping exotics and classics for car shows — in addition to providing the most innovative and advanced detailing services to your customers.”


Read the entire release here.

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