RICHMOND, Va. — Gina Budhai, managing partner of Car Pool Detail, earned her Skills Validation certification at the 14th Annual International Mobile Tech Auto Recon Expo 2015 & Detail’s Form in Orlando, Florida, according to a press release.

Budhai is the first woman to receive the designation, noted the release. She is one of nine International Detailing Association- (IDA) certified detailers. Budhai received the designation of CD SV (IDA-certified Detailer and Skills Verified).

The program includes a skills assessment test that qualifies detailers beyond the written exam, stated the release. Budhai and other detailers were faced with challenging scenarios they had to address with IDA-approved techniques.

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“There are not a lot of women in the detailing industry,” said Budhai in the release. “I am deeply committed to continuing education opportunities that keep me up to date on new products, equipment and automotive technology.

“The way in which you wield a buffer and use abrasives on something as delicate as car paint and the clear coat takes a precision touch. All professional detailers certified by the IDA, will have these advanced skills. I am proud to be bringing them, along with this advanced level certification, to my customers, as much as for myself.”

Budhai has managed Car Pool for 10 years, reported the release. The facility is one of eight locations part of Car Pool Professional Car Wash & Detailing Services.