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Illegal trash dumper causes carwash to get fined

LYNN, Mass. — A carwash owner fights to get the fine revoked.


LYNN, Mass. — According to, Jeff Carroll, owner of Boston Street Car Wash, was fined $300, the maximum allowed by state law, by Boston’s Inspectional Services Department for violating the city’s trash ordinance — because someone had illegally dumped trash at his carwash.

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Surveillance video from his carwash shows a Toyota SUV driving up to the carwash at night; a woman then stepped out, quickly dumped four giant trash bags, and left, the article continued.

“This kind of thing happens every day,” Carroll said. “People see our vacuum cleaners and just dump their trash; it’s unbelievable and it’s getting worse.”

Carroll said he plans to add two more cameras and send the videos to the police, the article noted.

“I will prosecute every single person who dumps,” Carroll added. “If we catch a few people, that should deter others.”

This is the third time he has been fined this summer, the article stated.

Clint Muche, Boston’s deputy building commissioner, said that the first two fines were issued for trash littered about the property by motorists who were cleaning out their cars. “The staff does not seem to understand it’s their responsibility to clean up any mess made by customers,” he said.


Ward 5 Councilor Dianna Chokoutis, whose district includes the carwash, said that she would work with the inspection department to retract the $300 fine, the article noted.

“Jeff didn’t do anything wrong and he has the video to prove it,” Chokoutis said. “Our goal is to keep the street clean and we will have signs made and post them that say, ‘Take Pride in Lynn.’”

UPDATE: According to a later article on, acting on a tip from someone who recognized the woman in the video, police tracked down the woman and found her at home.


The police stated that she was apologetic and, instead of arresting her, they brokered a deal where she would pay the $300 fine in lieu of Carroll and he would not press charges for illegal dumping.

Read the full article here and the update here.

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