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Illegal window tinting sparks concern

EDMONTON, Alberta — The practice is illegal for safety reasons, but many car owners risk being fined anyway.

EDMONTON, Alberta — Front window tinting is illegal in Alberta, but many residents continue the practice anyway, according to the Edmonton Sun.

Staff Sgt. Glenn Bangs of the city police traffic section said in the article that many car owners are willing to take the risk of the violation to have the tinted windows.

“Most people know it's illegal. You'll probably get about 60 percent saying, ‘Yeah, I know,’ and about 30 to 40 percent that will say, ‘I bought it like this,’” noted Bangs, in the article.

Tinting the front windows on either the driver or passenger sides of cars in Alberta is illegal for safety reasons, reported the article. First-time offenders usually get warnings from police, but fines of $115 can be levied for the crime.

Bangs shared in the article that if vehicles are from a reputable dealership, illegal tints are usually removed. Many businesses will only add the tints if customers sign waivers.

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