The importance of controller reliability
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The importance of controller reliability

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Assistant Editor Maria Woodie discusses how having the right controller can boost the productivity of a carwash.


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — In the September feature, “Take control for smooth operations,” Assistant Editor Maria Woodie discusses how a dependable controller can help carwashes run productively and, better yet, profitably.

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Keeping up with the fast-paced, demanding carwash environment of today can be challenging. And, if equipment is outdated, this task can become even more difficult to complete. With so many moving parts throughout day-to-day operations, carwashes must take control by installing the latest, most efficient technologies.

“Downtime, especially for busy, swift-moving carwashes, equals loss of business,” writes Woodie in the article. “Owners and operators must make sure their technology is up to date and overall operations are meeting or exceeding expectations.”

A quality controller can help ensure efficient and lucrative operations for carwash owners and operators.


When searching for the right controller, carwashes must keep in mind the reliability of the controller, asserts Ken Brott, vice president of marketing and sales for DRB Systems Inc., in the article, adding that when a controller stops working, a carwash essentially stops washing cars.

A reliable controller reduces the chances of a potential failure. And, Brott advises finding a controller that is not only reliable, but also has built-in, fail-safe features. “For example, [find a controller with] a simulated pulse switch and a simulated enter switch, so in the event that either of these functions fail, you can continue washing cars based on the simulation,” he recommends in the article.


Also consider how precisely and efficiently the technology is controlling the wash equipment. “More exact control will not only result in a cleaner car, [but] it will also save on chemical and utility costs,” explains Brott in the articles. “These savings are especially important in light of the sharp rise in volume that many carwashes have experienced as a result of [offering] unlimited monthly plans [to their customers].”

He continues in the article by explaining that cost savings from having the latest controller technology will in turn increase margins to the operator.

You can read the entire article on controller technology here.

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