There is a certain art to the perfect handshake. One that's too weak can make the other handshaker uneasy. One that doesn't involve eye contact can make someone look elsewhere. One that's too strong can come across as agressive and bullying.

The website Balanced Work Life, which can be found at, recently ran a blog post about how important a proper handshake is to building and keeping good relationships between a business person and a client.

Some of the tips found on the blog post, which can be found here, include how to properly shake hands. Some of the things you have to do include:

  • Making eye contact
  • Clasping firmly
  • Speaking during the handshake
  • Timing it right (a good shake takes about a second and a half or two)

Read more about how to properly shake hands. It could make a big difference between a wary and a loyal customer.