HAMILTON, Bermuda — After losing her job, a popular bartender has turned into an entrepreneur with her new waterless carwash and detailing business, according to an article in the Royal Gazette.

Kim Wilson found out about the product online, and she read up on it before deciding to give it a try. She also went back to school and took a business administration course.

The article said that one-third of all humans will face water shortages by 2025. The issue concerned Wilson, and it was one thing that appealed to her instantly about the Infinity DryWash.

The system uses non-toxic, biodegradable nanotechnology that cleans, seals, polishes and protects a vehicle, said the article.

Wilson’s business is mobile, and she also details cars. “We’re not just washing the exterior, but cleaning every aspect of the car, getting into grooves and providing the wax protection and sealants that protect the cars from saltwater, acid rain and rust,” she said in the article.

Wilson is finalizing operating locations for the carwash, and she is also forming a limited liability company.

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