Infographic: 3 auto glass cleaning steps for clear profits - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Infographic: 3 auto glass cleaning steps for clear profits

Fundamentals of auto glass cleaning for carwash crews and detailers.

Group Editorial Director/Editor in Chief Rich DiPaolo discusses proper glass cleaning tools and techniques in the article “Improved window cleaning vision,” featured in Professional Carwashing & Detailing magazine.

“One smudge, streak or missed area on your customers’ windows will surely be observed, and an accurate or inaccurate picture of the quality your entire wash offers is at stake,” writes DiPaolo in the article. “Training is a must. However, effective window cleaning clarity comes down to products and consistent techniques.”

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One tip to ensure optimal results, and also provide quality assurance, is to have managers present during the final cleaning areas of your carwash, recommends DiPaolo in the article; however even with your top managers on hand, without application knowledge and the right products, your auto glass cleaning services are likely falling short.

And, Juliette Silver, CEO of Panaram International (, explains in the article that the biggest factor causing window haze and other clarity mishaps, such as streaks, is using soiled towels when cleaning a car’s glass surfaces.

“One way to combat this problem is [by using a] high-speed washer extractor with silicone eliminator,” says Silver in the article, nothing that some models inject a solution that practically eliminates the buildup of chemicals and other factors embedded in the towels. “If you use this [equipment] and have a sufficient rinse cycle, [window haze and other clarity issues] should be eliminated.”

Check out the brief infographic below for more auto glass cleaning tips to help ensure crystal clear results.

Auto glass cleaning infographic

Read more about auto glass cleaning tools and techniques here.

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