Even with only two dominant types of carwash doors in the industry, polycarbonate and vinyl, factoring in the array of features and functions can make choosing the right door for your operations a challenging task.

However, knowing your options and working with a quality manufacturer can help make deciding which door is the perfect fit for your car care business a little bit easier.

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The door(s) you choose for your specific operations must be able to withstand the often corrosive environment of a carwash. For example, make sure your door(s) is built to withstand water, chemicals and extreme climate conditions, such as ice.

Keep in mind that an overhead door is often the first carwash equipment seen by customers, so it’s important to make sure it’s not only reliable but also attractive.

To help ensure carwash owners and operators are opening the right door to profit, the Professional Carwashing & Detailing team created the infographic below, which lists door selection, advantages and appearance considerations.

Carwash Doors infographic

You can also download the infographic here.

And, learn more about door selection considerations here.