Infographic: 4 benefits of sonar profiling - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Infographic: 4 benefits of sonar profiling

Sonar profiling's benefits can help reduce operating costs.

In the upcoming March issue of Professional Carwashing & Detailing (PC&D), Editorial Director Rich DiPaolo discusses the benefits of using sonar profiling technology in carwashes in the cover story feature, “Washing a car by its cover.”

DiPaolo explains, “Controllers, using sonar technologies to profile vehicles, have solved many of the headaches and wasteful practices that previous owners and operators had to endure. This technology works in the following way: As the vehicle enters the tunnel and proceeds, a sensor placed at the tunnel entrance uses sound waves to profile the vehicle’s exterior. While these systems are able to detect and avoid protruding surfaces, such as side mirrors, they also effectively solve the ‘pickup truck issue.’”

In the article, DiPaolo interviewed Gil Castro, director of operations for Zips Car Wash, who noted that several Zips Car Wash locations use sonar profiling technology and that the company has recognized cost savings on reduced chemical use and other costs associated with washing cars.

In addition, Castro provided four benefits of using sonar profiling that PC&D has put together in an infographic.

Be sure to check back and read the article when it becomes available.

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