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Infographic: 5 critical carwash site evaluation questions to ask yourself

To stay ahead of the industry’s surging competition, evaluating and improving your site is critical.


The carwash industry is currently experiencing excellent growth. Consumers have more spendable income, and investors are interested in the industry’s minimal labor, high volume and quick return on investment.

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But with this growth comes a surge in competition, and to stay competitive, carwashes continually have to improve, meaning it may be time for a carwash site evaluation.

“While some carwashes might feel threatened by new, emerging competition infringing on their customer base, other proactive carwashes are making investments to capitalize on the increased traffic. New carwash competition is undeniably emerging in many areas of the country, and carwashes cannot afford to rest on their laurels,” says Rich DiPaolo, editor in chief of Professional Carwashing & Detailing, in the magazine’s upcoming November feature article, “Strength with numbers.”


In the article, DiPaolo not only discusses the changing face of the industry as it grows, but he also interviews carwash veterans and experts for their opinions on how carwashes should stay ahead of their competition.

For instance, Steve Gaudreau, president of Brink Results LLC, says, “A carwash to most consumers is viewed as a commodity, so differentiation, while challenging, can be met in two principle ways. One is how you build your facility and the second is to raise the level of customer service.”


To help you stay ahead of the competition, the PC&D team created the infographic below, which lists five critical carwash site evaluation questions Gaudreau advises owners and operators to ponder.


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