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Infographic: 6 customer management strategies for carwash success

Maintaining a robust customer base is an integral component of any successful carwash.


As AJ Zappitelli, owner of Zappy’s Auto Washes, points out in Professional Carwashing & Detailing’s May feature “Good grief: Part two,” complete customer satisfaction should be a top priority for carwashes. After all, notes Zappitelli in the article, “If you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business.”

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So when it comes to successful customer management, carwashes must listen to their customers’ feedback and adjust their operations accordingly. This also means properly addressing customer complaints when they arise.

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And, as Group Editorial Director Rich DiPaolo notes in the article, most customer complaints can be easily fixed with a free wash or service upgrade. With that being said, carwashes are in business to make money, and not constantly hand out freebies to unhappy patrons.

The PC&D team has created the infographic below to help carwash owners and operators better manage their customer base to ensure happy patrons and lucrative operations.

Customer management infographic

In addition to following the guidelines outlined in this brief infographic, make sure to check out the special two-part article “Good grief.”

In part one, DiPaolo explains why customers complain and how both positive and negative feedback impacts car care businesses. You can read part one here.


In part two, DiPaolo discusses common customer complaints by wash type, monitoring with surveillance and if the customer is really always right. Check out part two here.

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