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Infographic: 7 tips for creating an effective loyalty program

Having a successful loyalty program at your carwash can help enhance customer satisfaction and your bottom line.


To build and maintain an effective loyalty program, you must first know what you are hoping to accomplish with your program, explains Craig Kjorlien in the article. “Set your sights on customer loyalty,” featured in a past issue of Professional Carwashing & Detailing.

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After asking yourself what your loyalty goals are, he continues in the article, you must then consider why a customer would frequent your carwash over the competition.

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Moreover, Kjorlien suggests in the article to also ask the following questions:

  • Do you know your current customers?
  • Do you know your target customers?
  • Do you offer a diverse set of promotions that appeal to multiple types of buyers?
  • Are you promoting to local businesses and/or charities?
  • Do you use social media?

With these questions — and answers — in mind, Kjorlien highlights in the article the following seven ways to make a new or existing loyalty program more successful:

  • Create a plan. Brainstorm and write down any ideas you have and would like to try with your loyalty program. Kjorlien recommends starting with one or two promotions, making sure to set goals for the desired results of each.
  • Be flexible. List any new promotion at your carwash as a limited time offer. If it’s popular with the customers and is prosperous for you, then extend the program. If it is not profitable, then reevaluate the promotion and make adjustments as needed.
  • Know your customer. Every customer frequenting your wash wants a clean car. However, it will benefit your business to find out who is coming to your wash and why he or she chose your location.
  • Focus on the consumer and accept feedback. You must make sure your customers feel good about frequenting your carwash. Feedback from patrons or employees is critical to improving loyalty programs. You might find the perfect solution or addition to your loyalty program(s) from a creative customer asking to try something new.
  • Study examples of success. Evaluate the loyalty programs of fellow carwash owners and operators to help optimize your own. What are they doing that seems to be working? And, will incorporating these features have a similar effect with your own programs? Find creative examples of promotions and programs, and modify them to fit your business model.
  • Be more involved with large groups. Getting more involved with nonprofit programs, such as Grace for Vets, help to build on your carwash’s reputation. And, try teaming up with sports teams, churches and charities/organizations by hosting fundraisers at your location. Likewise, try targeting more business with fleet accounts, which can help boost bottom lines for carwashes while also reaching a larger audience.
  • Find what works for you. What does an effective loyalty program look like for your wash? Staying flexible and keeping the customer in mind will help you implement the right program for your carwash and customers.

The PC&D team created an infographic which features these seven tips for building an effective loyalty program, provided below.

Customer Loyalty infographic

Read more about how to establish a successful loyalty program for your carwash here.

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