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Infographic: 7 ways to manage unlimited wash programs

With the latest advancements in technology, carwashes can easily and successfully manage unlimited wash programs.


In the article “Unlimited programs, unlimited possibilities,” featured in Professional Carwashing & Detailing magazine, contributor Kevin McLoughlin explains how carwashes can easily implement and maintain unlimited wash programs.

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“Many operators in the carwash industry enjoy enormous success with unlimited wash programs, which offer numerous benefits,” says McLoughlin in the article. “The automatic recurring revenue is an attractive advantage; and, it gives the carwash operator a chance to ‘lock in’ a customer’s loyalty, increases customer satisfaction and eases the financial pain of slow times at the carwash or during a bad stretch of weather.”

Yet, managing this type of program has a perspective of being difficult, continues McLoughlin in the article, because many operators believe it will take too much time and effort to keep up with customers’ payment information, such as updating credit cards on file when they expire or are canceled.


“While these are all realities of offering an unlimited program,” notes McLoughlin in the article, “implementing and maintaining this customer service tool at your carwash doesn’t have to be difficult.”

The PC&D team has created the infographic below to help carwash owners and operators easily manage unlimited wash programs to boost customer loyalty and in turn revenue.

Unlimited Wash infographic

Read more about how to successfully manage unlimited wash programs here.

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