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Infographic: Carwash history timeline

How has carwashing evolved over the last century?


Did you know it’s already been over a century since the first American carwash opened?

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Imagine yourself back in Detroit in 1914 when it did, according to an article posted on the Cobblestone Auto Spa website. There is no automation to the process, and everything is done by hand. Fast forward a couple decades, and strides into automated processes for the carwash start coming into being, but most everything is still manual. It isn’t until the 1960s and 1970s when these automatic concepts become industry standards.

Now, automated carwashing is extremely popular, but the industry is still evolving and will continue to do so.

Cobblestone Auto Spa has put together a carwash history timeline infographic. As you read it, consider your own carwash. If you better understand the history of your equipment, you’ll better appreciate how it’s all come together to make your own business possible today.

Cobblestone Auto Spa

You can read the original blog and view the infographic here.

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