It’s no secret that crime is a common occurrence for carwashes. In fact, how to prevent a crime from taking place is likely a top concern for most, if not all, carwash owners and operators. Proper insurance and security know-how is critical when it comes to ensuring your carwash and its profits are secure.

In the article “Crime Prevention Pays,” featured in a past issue of Professional Carwashing & Detailing, contributor Dan Tharp discusses how owners and operators can infuse insurance programs with security measures in order to run a safe, and profitable, carwash.

“Many owners and operators might think purchasing/upgrading advanced security systems is too costly. However, most insurance carriers will offer some level of a basic discount for implementing and maintaining various security systems,” explains Tharp in the release. “In addition, you should improve security at your carwash for many other reasons, such as to protect customers, to have a reputation of being a safe environment, to avoid hidden costs of claims not covered by insurance and to have greater peace of mind, just to name a few.”

To help carwash owners and operators mitigate risks, the Professional Carwashing & Detailing team created the infographic below.

Carwash security infographic

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