In Professional Carwashing & Detailing’s upcoming August issue article, “All eyes on security upgrades,” contributor Eugene Allen discusses why a carwash should invest in upgrading its surveillance system and how those upgrades can pay off.

Furthermore, Allen provides suggests from industry experts about the type of equipment they should be purchasing for system upgrades.

In the article, Allen writes, “Camera systems that document comparative vehicle condition before and after a vehicle enters a tunnel can pay for themselves when just one damage claim can be proven false. Further, these systems can catch employees giving away free washes or upgrades, theft by employees or customers, damage to equipment, roller jump collision damage or even vandalism that happens after hours.”

PC&D created an infographic highlighting nine benefits for having a modern surveillance system in a carwash.

Stay on the lookout for the full article when it publishes to learn more about important security upgrades to help save money at your carwash.