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Infographic: Seven facts about LEDs

LEDs can provide a carwash with the ultimate combination of performance, ease of maintenance and long-term cost savings.


In a recent issue of Professional Carwashing & Detailing, Group Editorial Director/Editor in Chief Rich DiPaolo writes about how improving a carwash’s appearance with LEDs (light-emitting diodes) can also enhance its bottom line in the article, “Light investments for big impact.”

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“Many owners and operators might not realize how much customers actually notice — and remember — about a carwash location. While a well-lit carwash can help to create a comfortable, inviting experience, a dark location may result in customers not visiting again,” says DiPaolo in the article. “Many owners and operators primarily focus on producing a quality wash and a high level of customer service, meaning lighting and other areas of the wash become secondary or tertiary considerations, or they are not considered at all until issues emerge.”

LEDs provide an ultimate combination of ease of maintenance, performance and long-term cost savings, continues DiPaolo in the article, and the environmental impact of switching from traditional lighting to LEDs, can help your carwash appeal to a larger demographic who is mindful of protecting the environment and will drive farther just to frequent your carwash.

The PC&D team developed an infographic listing seven facts of LED technology, provided below, to help carwashes decide whether to invest in LEDs.

LEDs infographic

Read more about why you should consider switching to LEDs here.

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