Infographic: Tips for new ice vendors - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Infographic: Tips for new ice vendors

Two experts give advice on the details of ice vending.

In Professional Carwashing & Detailing’s recent article, “The ins and outs of ice vending,” contributor Thomas Hawkins discusses the benefits of adding ice vending machines to carwashes as a year-round additional profit center.

In the article, Hawkins says, “Ice vending’s growing popularity is a result of the profit center’s reputation as a low-stress option for carwash owners looking to boost traffic and revenue. Whether operators selected a small vending unit or a high-capacity, standalone ice vending structure, many have added to their bottom lines while attracting more customers.”

Hawkins goes on to describe how ice vending machines can improve your bottom line, how you can combine them with loyalty program offers, and how to best operate and maintain them.

Throughout the article, Hawkins references two ice vending experts: Ben Gaskill, director of sales with Everest Ice and Water Systems, and Jeff Dyson, vice president of sales and marketing with Kooler Ice. Gaskill and Dyson provided an abundance of best practices for ice vendors, and PC&D created an infographic with additional tips they offered.

Be sure to read the article for more information about the compatibility of ice vending and carwashing.


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