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Infographic: Washing tips for microfiber towels

Following these simple washing guidelines can help car care businesses maximize the life of microfiber towels.


Professional Carwashing & Detailing Group Assistant Editor Maria Woodie writes about how caring for microfiber towels can help absorb long-term profits and savings in the March feature, “Tough towels, stronger ROI.”

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“Although terry towels have been a popular choice over the years for their durability and versatility, microfiber is quickly becoming the top pick for many carwashes and detailing centers because of its impressive absorbency, longevity and ability to optimize performance in critical areas of the wash cycle,” says Woodie in the article.

However, these towels can quickly lose their effectiveness and rendered essentially useless for car care businesses if they are not properly washed and maintained.

“When washed properly, microfiber can last hundreds of washings,” asserts Valerie Sweeney, vice president of ERC Wiping Products Inc., in the article. “The manner in which you wash and dry your microfiber towels can deeply impact the effectiveness of the towel.”


To help carwashes better maintain their microfiber towels, the PC&D team, with information courtesy of ERC Wiping Products, created the infographic below.

Microfiber care infographic

For more helpful information on microfiber care, be sure to read the March article here.

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