An inside look at the 2016 Water Issue - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

An inside look at the 2016 Water Issue

In the July’s On the Menu, Rich DiPaolo dives right in to discuss the carwash industry’s most precious resource: water.

If you are a regular reader of Professional Carwashing & Detailing and our website,, you have noticed we cover the topic of water on a regular basis. Besides attracting and retaining loyal customers, depending on your location, water is most likely the second biggest resource of concern to your operations.

If your carwash currently does not take advantage of today’s advanced water reclamation equipment, don’t ignore the benefits of these systems. Not only can this equipment save dollars and help promote sustainability, but when marketed correctly it can also draw a new target audience of customers.

If your carwash currently has a water reclaim system, are you letting enough existing and prospective customers know? If you have invested in water reuse and are putting customers on a “need to know” basis of that choice, you’re minimizing the potential impact this equipment could have on today’s buyers.

Unlike previous generations, generation X, generation Y and even millennials have only existed in a society that cares about the environment and takes steps to protect it. Touting your environmentally friendly ways is something to emphasize, not minimize.

From marketing and customer surveys to coupon offers, on-site signage and special deal days, such as for Earth Day, there are plenty of opportunities to let your customers know about your green ways.

Since water — and advanced water treatment — can play such a pivotal role in carwashing results, including the efficacy of chemicals, you simply cannot pay enough attention to its use, misuse, level of quality and overall impact on your business. We have included several articles in this issue that deal with these topics.

Testing, analyzing and monitoring use and filtration are just some of the water-related topics we look at this month. Keep the discussion going online. If you have creative ways that you market your water-friendly carwash attributes, tweet us today @CarwashMagazine.

Also in this issue are more how-to and technical articles that can help move your business forward and into the closing months of the year.

At PC&D, we are starting to plan our digital and print content for 2017, and we want to hear from you. What is impacting your business the most? What types of articles would you like us to write about?

As always, send me your thoughts and comments at [email protected]. We hope that you are having a profitable and enjoyable summer.

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