ROSEMONT, Ill. — During CSP’s Hot Dispensed Beverage Meetings, which took place in March, many aspects of the c-store industry were discussed, including how there were positive signs for beverage sales, according to

Consumers are now more careful to spend, and when they do, they search for value, said David Henkes, vice president of Technomic Inc., in the article. However, Henkes said there were also positive signs about the hot-dispensed beverage category.

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Some of these positive signs included: higher-end beverages help c-stores compete with other businesses; “branded” coffee and proprietary brands are growing; beverage sales drive traffic; and hot beverage sales provide incremental profit and sales growth. The full story has more examples of positive signs.

Customers appreciate customization, said Kevin Higar, who the article notes is a foodservice consultant and author. He gave the example of a retail store that specialized in hot chocolate, and gave customers many different choices, including s’mores flavored hot chocolate.

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