Integrate the latest in POS technology - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Integrate the latest in POS technology

Improve the customer experience with advances in point-of-sale systems.

Businesses have come a long way in how they accept payment for goods and services. It is not uncommon for a cashier to run a credit card using only a smartphone or tablet. This deviation from point-of-sale systems traditionally thought of as cash registers offers a more efficient, cost-effective way to get customers through the checkout line.

Improve the customer experience

Some restaurants use tablets for quick self-service. According to, fast casual restaurants are the preferred restaurant format for using iPad POS systems for tipping. Quick-service restaurants like McDonald’s are increasingly implementing the technology in the form of “kiosks for order customization and mobile phones for restaurant apps and more,” notes the article.

The technology can provide convenience for customers, but operators should take care to ensure it does not confuse customers. “If patrons are confused, you are ultimately failing to provide good service and risk losing business,” states the article.

Promote convenience

Apple Pay is one of the most buzzed about platforms recently introduced, reports Because the company already has a large customer base, the platform will probably see widespread adoption.

Credit cards allow people to shop without carrying around wads of cash, and systems like Apply Pay allows customers to pay without carrying around a slot of cards, shares the article.

Test security systems shares that hackers may see an opportunity in new technology by finding loopholes in the system. “The weak point is pre-encryption, between when the card is swiped through old hardware, going through a potentially outdated hospitality management platform, and passing finally over to the payment gateway,” explains the article.

Banks’ fraud protocol will usually catch ill-intentioned users, adds the article. This responsibility lies with car network and acquirers to do their jobs.

Protect yourself with insurance

As technology improves, security will likely do the same. Carwash owners and operators can reap the benefits from a better user experience when it comes to convenience and efficiency. Operators should ensure they are protected from with cyberattack insurance, which they can get more details on from their insurance providers.

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