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Integrate with POS for more efficiency

Reduce human error with increased automation.


Since the point of sale (POS) system dictates what services the controller will activate, these two systems should interact directly, according to Homan. “Everything being washed would have to go through the sale … automatically adjusting the controller based on what they’ve purchased.” By stacking and tracking vehicles, this controller integration makes sure that the correct services are delivered. This minimizes the impact of employee mistakes.

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Miller agrees that the key to a good tunnel control system is that it needs to be integrated well with a POS system. When a customer wants a high-end wash, it needs to be delivered, and giving that tight integration is all about giving customers a great experience.

Modern tunnel controllers and wash equipment have redefined how cars are washed today, Stripp concludes. Through these technological advancements businesses are able to wash cars faster and safer than ever before. But, the industry has not yet reached the full potential of where controller technology can go. Controller development will continue, pushed by the popularity of express washes, the desire to reduce labor costs and new advances in wash equipment.


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