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Integrity and fortitude

Let me preface this column by sharing one of my favorite fables: It's the story of The Lion and the Mouse.

Let me preface this column by sharing one of my favorite fables: It’s the story of The Lion and the Mouse. It centers on a lion capturing a mouse, and the mouse pleading for its life, insisting that if freed, it will one day help the lion. The lion, amused by the notion, let’s the mouse go. A little while later, in a reversal of roles, the lion is captured by hunters. While tied to a tree, the mouse happens upon the lion, and with the might of a beast, frees it. Harmony, even for quarreling rivals, is possible, when the notion of cooperation and aid is valued. Let’s also not forget the might of the mouse. Even though it was 100 times smaller than the lion, the mouse was able to save it. Never, my friends, discount the size of the fight in the dog.

And now that you have that anecdote under your cap, I would like to talk about how pleased and impressed I was with the story that came out of Tucson, Ariz., involving Mister Car Wash’s initiative to hire people with disabilities. This is not only great news, but empowering news, not just for those hired, but for Mister and the carwashing industry. As someone who has lived with an enervating disease (Type 1 diabetes) I know firsthand what it is like to have a more difficult time navigating through daily activities. I know what it’s like to feel different. Although I abhor pity, what I crave most is to be given the same opportunities as everyone else. When I heard Mister’s CEO John Lai’s comments about their initiative, I was impressed by his poise and deference. He didn’t use words referencing sympathy, or make any pleas about philanthropy, he instead told journalist Liz Kotalik of KGUN9 TV that the employees, “bring to the table this work ethic and attitude that really lifts the entire spirit of the crew.”

In this world, full of all different people, from all walks of life, remember to consider taking a chance on those who at first glance you might not think fit the bill. Like the trapped lion, that person might be your saving grace.

New face at PC&D

It is my pleasure to introduce Joe J. Napoli to our editorial team. Joe will serve as the assistant editor of Professional Carwashing & Detailing. With a master’s degree in journalism, Joe comes to us with a great work ethic, and heavy-duty knowledge of new media, as well as top-notch good traditional journalistic writing skills. Joe will be writing content for and the profiles in success as well as technical articles for the magazine. What impressed me most about Joe was his enthusiasm for the industry. In fact, during his first week as assistant editor, he took his car to a carwash so that he could more familiar with the methods and machinery. “I’m excited to learn everything I can,” Joe said. If you have questions or ideas for Joe, you can reach him at [email protected].


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