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International ties in carwashing

Getting involved means bettering your carwash business.


Rich DiPaolo is the Associate Publisher – Editorial of Professional Carwashing & Detailing magazine.

If you missed the opportunity to attend The Car Wash Show™ 2019 this past May, you happened to miss the official largest gathering of carwash owners, operators, manufacturers and suppliers from the carwash, quick lube and detailing industries.

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The event, which was organized by the International Carwash Association (ICA), was documented as the largest in both exhibition size and attendance in the show’s history.

At The Car Wash Show 2019, the ICA discussed its plans to expand internationally. During the Annual Membership Meeting, in addition to naming this year’s Hall of Fame recipient — Tom Essenburg of Tommy Car Wash Systems — and an address from the ICA’s new president — Richard Enning, CEO of Mr. Wash in Germany — the association’s CEO, Eric Wulf, outlined an impressive international agenda.

As noted by Wulf, for the first time, the ICA will be hosting four shows on four different continents over a 12-month period. In addition to shows in North America, Europe and Australia, The Car Wash Show China was announced at the meeting, adding Asia to the show’s continental tour list.

As our industry is growing, the market’s leading association is vowing to grow with it. With such important investments domestically — with a full roster of events in the U.S. — and internationally, there is no shortage of opportunities for new investors and experienced operators to get involved in throughout the year. 

Your involvement leads to enhancing both the professionalism of our industry and the potential of your carwash business. 

For more information on U.S. or international events that are currently being planned by the ICA, please visit


Of course, reading this publication each month also leads to better business acumen and overall market awareness. We thank you for reading. 

This month, our cover story features the fluid topic of choosing a water recycling system. However, if your thirst for knowledge expands beyond the topic of water, don’t fret — we won’t leave you parched. Also included in this issue are informative articles on marketing, increasing car counts and much more. You’ll also find new product information and a profile of a peer.  

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