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Is glass repair right for your operation?

As an operator, you might be asking yourself if windshield repair is right for you.


As an operator, you might be asking yourself if windshield repair is right for you. Maybe you’ve already decided rock chip repair isn’t a service you want to offer because you’ve tried it in the past, had a bad experience, or a customer has told you how much they hated to be bugged by the “glass guys” at a competing wash. In one article I won’t be able to explain all the ins and outs of windshield repair, but I can hopefully give you some insight into current trends and opportunities.

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1. Is it a good fit?

Decide whether windshield repair fits for you and your customer: Average capture rate for windshield repair at a full or flex service carwash is between 4-5 percent. Using a daily car count of 200 cars and an average price of $50, that’s nearly $500 extra a day or around $12,500 a month.

2. Good for high quality

Purchase quality equipment with integrated training. Focus on your core competency at the wash and your glass techs will have all tools they need to succeed. Just like the tunnel equipment, the price for systems can vary, as does quality and support, so be sure to team up with a windshield repair equipment company with all the tools you need to scale and recertify your technicians. Most equipment providers will include information about insurance processing, but there are some recent advances in technology that allow a technician to capture signatures and bill the insurance company right from their phone, tablet or carwash point of sale, avoiding the extra overhead and processing costs.


3. Stay committed

Whether you have a full time technician or just a sign on the wand off bay to “text for a repair," commit to your customer through education, marketing, consistency and even a free wash with repair if you’d like. Who wouldn’t give up a dollar of wash costs for a $50 dollar sale? Commit to your staff through incentives, competitions and accountability. If you can help the sales force have a mindset of, “If I don’t offer chip repair service, I’m doing the customer a disservice because all chips break,” it will be easier to help them seek for breaks and offer the service.



Joshua McCooey is chief operating officer of Glass Mechanix Solutions. Born in Upstate New York, Josh attended Westminster College and built the FireHouse Carwash chain while completing his Bachelors in Business Administration degree. In 2011 he, along with his partners, started the OmegaEDI software company and later joined forces with Glass Mechanix to help small business owners make educated decisions about windshield repair. He currently serves on the board for the International Detail Association.

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