GREENBRAE, Calif. — The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is investigating a claim by an employee at the Lucky Drive Brushless Car Wash, located in Greenbrae, who said a Jeep suddenly accelerated while at the carwash and crossed U.S. Highway 101, according to NBC Bay Area – KNTV.

The employee, Juan DeLeon, informed CHP that the 1999 Jeep Cherokee was in neutral, which is required by the wash, when it accelerated across traffic around 4:20 p.m., stated the article.

Andrew Barclay, a CHP officer, reported in the article that the Jeep traveled over a sidewalk, across three Redwood Highway Frontage Road lanes, through an unoccupied bus stop shelter, across five lanes of Highway 101 (northbound), through a center divider and across two lanes of Highway 101 (southbound).

The Jeep came to a stop without hitting any vehicles, the article added.

The incident resulted in 150 feet of metal guardrail to be torn out of the center divider as well as debris to litter the fast lanes of both northbound and southbound highway lanes, continued the article.

DeLeon stated in the article that he tried to apply the brakes, but the Jeep continued to accelerate, informed the article.

Because of past problems associated with the make and model of Jeep, the carwash employees revealed that they will sit inside a Jeep while it moves through the carwash, noted the article.

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