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Just the facts: Controllers

Kevin Detrick, president of Innovative Control Systems Inc. and presenter of “The Future of Car Wash Control” during The Car Wash Show, talks about new carwash controllers.


PC&D: What new controller trends have you seen in the market place over the last year or two?

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Detrick: With the increasing popularity of the express and flex models, the need to eliminate conventional full-service prep has increased too. Full-service prep is the most expensive way to wash and it’s not repeatable.

PC&D: How do modern controllers use Ethernet instead of relays? 

Detrick: The future of carwash control is no longer just activating devices with relays. By using Modbus, one of the most commonly available means of connecting industrial electronic devices over Ethernet, to control the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) panels, we can provide better remote service and installation costs.


PC&D: What are some other ways a properly utilized controller can save an owner money?

Detrick: [It] reduces cost by saving on-site electrical installation and also saves time for your install. The ICS VFD Panel comes pre-wired from the factory; just plug it in. The new controller technology improves performance, ensures separation of circuits, provides full remote diagnostics and allows remote programming capabilities. It’s easier to service with remote diagnostics. It’s easy to support a fully blueprinted solution.

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