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Kleen-Rite infographic shows importance of professional carwashes

COLUMBIA, Va. — Kleen-Rite Corp.’s newly released video and infographic both highlight why professional carwashing is the smarter choice.


COLUMBIA, Va. — Kleen-Rite Corp. has released a new video “Chelsea Knows: Car Wash VS Hand Wash – Which is Better – Pros and Cons” and infographic which compare professional carwashing to home carwashing.

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In the video, Chelsea states how there is the misconception that hand washing cars at home is better than going to an actual carwash. However, she continues, professional carwashes are not only better for the cars but also the environment as well.

Make sure your customers are familiar with the crucial five reasons highlighted in the video and infographic for why professional carwashing is the better choice: Water conservation, no chemical runoff, the use of proper chemicals, proper tools and equipment, and guaranteed a high-quality wash.


And, as reported in the article accompanying the video and infographic, today’s carwashes not only are more convenient and practical but they also keep cars safe and help protect the environment.

Car Wash V Home Wash Infographic-web

You can also watch the video and download the infographic here.

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