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Laundromat/Carwash to open in IL

POLO, IL — City council members are apparently excited because the city doesn't have a carwash.

POLO, IL — ALaundromat and carwash combo will be opening here this spring, according to OgleCountyNews.

The Jan. 10 story said the Christopher Eaton purchased the property, which used to house a Laundromat, and began construction last month.

"It's pretty neat that it was a laundromat," Eaton said in the story. "It's obvious that's what it was designed for. You could still see the lines on the floor where the old machines sat."

A new building is going up and will house a two-bay carwash.

Carwash/Laundromat moves closer to construction

"There was a lot of paperwork to get the funding in place," said Eaton, who also owns a Laundromat in Savannah, IL. . "It took a lot of time to get all the i's dotted and the t's crossed." 

City council members have also should enthusiasm for the new business as the city doesn't have a carwash and hasn't had a Laundromat for three years.

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