Leading women in carwashing: Destiny Baker

Leading women in carwashing: Destiny Baker

Baker is the director of training of Mammoth Holdings, LLC.

The women interviewed for this special series share their stories. The goal of this interview series is to not only share the stories and experiences of these market leaders, but also inspire more women to join this fun, exciting and growing carwash industry. 

This month let’s meet Destiny Baker. 

Destiny Baker, Director of Training, Mammoth Holdings, LLC   

MP | How did you get your start and how long have you been in the carwash industry? 

DB | Started in this industry as an assistant site manager, just to test the waters. Once I saw this industry, I knew this is where I wanted to grow professionally; now I have been in the industry for six years. 

MP | What is the most important lesson you have learned while working in the carwash industry?

DB | In a very fast-paced industry, things are always changing. With this, I always like to reference “Who Moved My Cheese,” by Spencer Johnson. You always have to keep a positive mindset in a fast-paced environment.

MP | What advice do you have for women getting into the carwash industry today?  

DB | Speak up and make your voice heard, your opinions matter. While this is a male-dominant industry, it can be easy to sit in the back and be quiet listening to their experience. You could also solve problems looking at things from a different angle.

MP | What are some challenges you have overcome as a woman in the carwash industry that you’d like to share with other women in hopes of helping them to overcome similar challenges?

DB | Moving up in the industry can be very frustrating and hard at times, but have patience. If you have aspirations to grow in the field that you are in, there will be hard days and even a person or two that doubt your abilities, but don’t allow that to stop you.

MP | What aspect of the carwash industry is most exciting/rewarding to you?  

DB | Definitely many different people. It has always been very
rewarding to me teaching other people. Not just about carwashing but life skills, they can take that knowledge with them even if they left the industry. When a new/old team member shares how I was able to help them in their life, there is no greater reward. This is why I have chosen the training field as my professional path.  

MP | What three character traits are most important in your opinion for a woman starting out her career in carwashing?

DB | Positivity, confidence and humility. These are traits I think any leader should have, male or woman.

MP | What would you have done differently starting out in the carwash industry if you could go back to the beginning? Or, would you not change a thing?

DB | There isn’t anything I would change. Through every tough situation or move I made, it pushed me to where I am now and was a lesson worth learning. Each step along this journey is a story to tell, and knowledge in that area that I could have missed otherwise.

MP | Did you have a role model or a mentor in this industry? If so, who and how did he or she inspire you?

DB | There are many to choose from but top of mind is Marcus Kittrell (BAC Member/Board of Directors/Founder of Marc1 Car Wash). No matter how trying things get, Marcus always has a smile on his face. If you have the pleasure to know Marcus, then you know your are greeted with a hug, no matter the individual; he is very non-judgemental, honest, and open to any kind of conversation. With any situation I have seen him handle, there is always a level of class that is inspiring.

MP | Where do you see the carwash industry moving toward in the future? 

DB | With the advances in technology and membership strategy, it could be very possible to move to a membership only option.

Melissa Pirkey is the CEO/president of Melissa Pirkey Insurance, dba Car Wash Insurance Agency. If you are interested in sharing your story in an upcoming issue, please contact her at 214-998-8960 or [email protected] or email PC&D’s Rich DiPaolo at [email protected].

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