Learning about huck towels - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Learning about huck towels

Discover if this classic standard will work for you.

Huck towels, or O.R. towels, have lost popularity but are still used. They are 100 percent cotton, lint-free, easy to break in and lightweight, making it easy to clean tight spaces. They work great on windows and car interiors. Some former huck towel users have switched to microfiber, but others have stood by an old industry standard. 

Hucks are easy to care for but are limited in color and size. While they are naturally absorbent, they can’t physically hold as much liquid as a microfiber or a terry towel. Most microfiber towels can hold seven times their weight. Hucks work really well on the windows, but microfibers create less streaking and tend to be superior in performance.

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