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Lessons from watching a carwash fail

ROCKVILLE, MD — Trash was not picked up, the grass turned brown and the power was shut off.


ROCKVILLE, MD — A writer here watched as the carwash across the street from his office withered, died and was demolished. Thinking of the business' failure, he put together a list of ways to avoid destroying a business, according to insidearm.com.

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The April 9 story stated that there were changes over the past couple of months at the carwash. Trash was no longer picked up, the grass turned brown and the power company finally disconnected the carwash.

Soon, a large tractor showed up and demolished the carwash in about two hours. "As I observed the demolition, I wondered how long it took to plan and build the car wash. Certainly it took several weeks if not months to carefully create blueprints, obtain financing, hire the right building contractors, etc.," Dave Rudd wrote.

Here, a business owner must recognize that, after all the hard work is put in to build a business, a fit of anger and careless words can destroy an operation.


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Rudd's tips for interacting positively with customers and employees are:

  • Take a few seconds — or many seconds, if needed — to think before you speak.
  • Hold potentially difficult conversations in private instead of out in the open where your communication might have unintended consequences.
  • Listen intently when confronted by an angry individual. Empathize with them and use positive self talk — you can (and must!) handle the situation and respond calmly.
  • Forgive others and admit your own mistakes when needed.
  • Learn to not take yourself too seriously — it is ok to laugh and have fun!

In tense business situations, words, body language and tone of voice can help build a business up or help tear it down.


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