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Letter calls on city to deny detail/wash/lube location

BEDFORD, NY — Dino and Karen DeFeo wrote a letter detailing why the residents of a cul de sac here are “terrified” by the approval.

BEDFORD, NY — A letter to the editor posted by the Bedford Daily Voice said nearby residents are “terrified” a new detailing, carwash and oil change business will be approved.

The letter, dated Sept. 30 and signed by Dino and Karen DeFeo, said the Splash Car Wash location has been granted verbal approval based on certain conditions, and the final decision will be made at the Bedford Zoning Board of Appeals next meeting.

Residents angry about carwash application

If final approval is given, the writer said “residents of Valerio Court in Bedford Hills will be fearful for the safety, sanity and lives of our families.” The new operation would border private property, and the only access to the facility would be via Valerio Court, a two-lane road that is the only road leading to a residential cul de sac.

According to the letter, this is “highly dangerous” because of accidents and deaths at other Splash locations, the high-volume capacity of the carwash, the large amount of children who play on the cul de sac, air pollution concerns and the possibility of water runoff freezing.

High liquid waste disposal costs a blow to wash owners

The DeFeos closed their letter with: “Sadly, despite these alarming facts, the zoning board is seriously considering Splash's requests for variances and zoning changes that would allow this to happen. By doing so, they're putting our health, safety and very lives at risk as well as setting a dangerous precedent that could allow other communities to grant similar requests. And as for our property values, they're guaranteed to plummet.”

Read the entire letter here.

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