NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Camel Express Car Wash will soon open its first location, and it has plans to look for a second site in January, according to a press release.

The wash plans to build the longest tunnel carwash in Nashville, said the release. The 130-foot express tunnel will offer customers clean cars with new technology in a short amount of time.

Customers can also use one of the 20 free, unlimited vacuum/inspection stations, noted the release.

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Payment stations using the new Apple Pay system and PayPal’s ibeacon technology will sense when a customer pulls onto the premises and initiates payment via a smartphone, reported the release.

A tunnel light show using lasers and LED strobe lights will also be part of the wash experience, stated the release.

Prices start at $5, and increase from there. Monthly unlimited wash club memberships are also offered, shared the release.

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